Places to visit - Morcambe - Furness Line
Places to visit - Morecambe - Furness Line
Places to visit - Morecambe - Furness Line

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Morecambe has something for everyone. The new station is just a stone's throw from the level promenade, with its iconic Eric Morecambe statue and stone jetty. The views across the bay are stunning, and there are many tea shops, cafes and restuarants. On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday you're sure to find a bargain at Morecambe Market. A spectacular programme of events takes place during the summer. Alight at Bare Lane for Happy Mount Park - a 10 minute walk away but  an ideal setting for picnics.

Morecambe took its name from the bay and started as an out-port for nearby Lancaster. Jetties were built out to the deep channel in the bay and were to be linked to Lancaster by a canal. However, a railway was built instead and by 1850, Morecambe (or Poulton as it was then called) was linked by railway to Leeds as well as to Lancaster. This connection to West Yorkshire helped Morecambe grow into a thriving resort.

The past 20 years has seen a period of regeneration in Morecambe and the level promenade now exhibits the award winning Tern public art project. The Midland Hotel has been restored and is an outstanding example of Art Deco architecture. The sandy beaches have returned. The level promenade, at over 5 miles/8 kilometres long, is ideal for young and old, and for cyclists or people in wheelchairs.

The Visitor Information Centre is located in the former Promenade Railway Station (opened in 1907) which also houses The Platform arts venue. This is right on the sea front near to the Midland Hotel and only a couple of minutes walk along the Poem Path (or Flock of Words) from the new railway station. Buses on Central Drive provide connections to Bare and Happy Mount Park, to Heysham and to Lancaster.

Morecambe's Visitor Information Centre is housed in the old (1907) Promenade station building which is also home to The Platform arts venue and to The Wackey Wharehouse and a family pub. Morecambe VIC carries local information and much information about Morecambe Bay including guide books, maps and local art.