Places to visit - Dalton - Furness Line
Places to visit - Dalton - Furness Line
New works of art by local children on Dalton station in the style of George Romney. (LY)

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Dalton, the ancient capital of Furness, became the judicial and economic centre for the monks of Furness Abbey. The town of about 8,500 people dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and was, until  a couple of hundred years ago, much larger than neighbouring Barrow-in-Furness. Dalton Castle, a 14th century Pele Tower, is now a National Trust property (open on Saturday afternoons in the summer). Close by is the South Lakes Wild Animal Park, Britain's top Tiger Conservation Centre. The park is open year round but have a look on www.wildlifepark.co.uk for details of events and news.

Almost 2 miles/3.2 km to the south lie the ruins of Furness Abbey, a former Cistercian monastery dating back to 1123. This was once the second most powerful and wealthy monastery in the country and once accommodated Robert the Bruce during Anglo-Scottish conflicts. There is a walk close to the railway to the Abbey and on to Roose station. There is also a 1 mile.1.5 km walk from Dalton station to South Lakes Wild Animal Park.

When getting on or off trains at Dalton please be aware of the low platforms and the gap between the carriage floor and the platform surface. At the station, work by local artists including school children, can be enjoyed.