Barrow Dock Museum

The Dock Museum is a spectacular modern museum built over an original Victorian Graving Dock. Here you can explore the fascinating history of Barrow-in-Furness, and discover how it grew from a tiny 19th Century hamlet to the biggest iron and steel centre in the world, and a major ship-building force, in just 40 years. A guide book is available which describes the various items on display. There are two lower levels within the old dock. On the base of the dock is 'Reflections of the Dock', a high-tec film show in several parts, each of which can be selected by the audience.

The Graving Dock is a massive structure, fully visible when you descend the main staircase, which formed one of the smallest parts of the original 19th Century dock system in Barrow. The dock remained in use until the 1950's. It was used as a dry dock for repair and maintenance.

The galleries and dockside site include a special exhibitions gallery, and a landscaped site with an adventure playground.

Opposite the Museum is BAE Systems Marine ship building hall, the largest in Europe.

There is a cafe and a museum shop, and ample free car parking. Admission is free.

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